Barnaby released his directorial debut, the short film ‘Wale’ in 2018.

The film has been selected for over 20 film festivals, screened in front of audiences in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London and Toronto, winning numerous Grand Jury awards, and has been nominated for a BAFTA and shortlisted for the 91st Academy Awards.

Synopsis: An 18 year old youth offender is trying to start his own business as a mobile mechanic. But enterprise isn’t so easy when you’re a young, black male with a criminal past.

Watch the trailer below:

In the film’s runtime, not a single scene seems unnecessary, Blackburn using every tool at his disposition to craft a beautiful story in-between hope and despair that we never wish to leave so soon.
— Laurie Delaire, OC Movie Reviews
Perhaps Blackburn can develop this as a full-length feature because I need to know what happens. The suspense is killing me.
— Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian