NBA 2K18

For the NBA 2K18 game, 2K introduced a neighborhood, allowing gamers not only to play basketball in the game, but to immerse themselves with all the culture that surrounds it. Players can go to the barbershop, get ink done at the tattoo parlor and, of course, play ball at the local neighborhood courts.

To announce and celebrate the new neighborhood, we created a spot featuring a kid on his journey from his apartment to the local court, ducking in and out of all his regular haunts and greeting all the everyday neighborhood regulars on his way. It just so happens that all these people are NBA superstars such as Paul George, Joel Embiid, Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving, but to the kid it’s just another day in the neighborhood.

The spot, directed by the inimitable Stacy Wall, is a tribute to those perfect hazy days when everyone is hanging out and playing ball; a summer basketball hallucination in which everything just seems to click.