In 2018, Gustavo became a partner of the startup Lyfx.

Lyfx is an app that serves adventures on demand - think of it as an Uber for Outdoor guides. Travelers can connect with local experts across the US to book bespoke outdoor trips. The platform is currently in Beta and was launched in the US this year. More than 3000 users signed up in less than 2 months and the platform already hosts over 250 adventures.

Gus operates as a hybrid Chief Creative Officer and Chief Product Officer at Lyfx, overseeing all brand comms as well as the app/web development. The platform has been getting some serious investment since its first seed funding round and is now gearing up to launch in Europe and producing its first marketing campaign.


We also created a documentary capturing Lyfx’s founder Pedro McCardell motorbike expedition to Patagonia. “Guanaco” documents an expedition through 10,000 miles of terrain captured solely on an iPhone. But the point of the film is not just to display the stunning imagery of Patagonia’s epic landscapes — it’s a tale about the fellow adventurers that were met along the way and a simple yet touching encounter with a young guanaco struggling with its upper half stuck in a wire fence unable to free itself.

“Guanaco” was chosen as a semi-finalist by the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Film Festival/Awards and has been featured in multiple international Adventure Film Festivals in 2018.