Every gamer knows that the fun of COD isn’t in playing the game the way it was meant to be. The real fun is in all the weird, dumb, meme-y stuff the COD community repurposes the game to create.

To launch the new Black Ops 4 game and its ‘Blackout’ Battle Royale mode, we made dozens of videos using the game’s engine and invited the COD community, or ‘CODNATION’, to do likewise. We inspired the community to make over +25,000 of their own in the first 24 hours.

We ran a lot of them on TV, which looked pretty damned weird in-between your average pharma and automotive ads.

Results : 

-  Broke Playstation and XBox Store records for digital downloads

-  Highest selling day one release for Call of Duty

-  Black Ops 4 was 2018’s best selling game